Why do you need to be on social media?

Social media is so much more than a “like” or a “follow”. It’s giving your customers the opportunity to share and interact with your company on a daily basis. It puts you on a personal level with the people you want to reach the most.

What are your goals with social media? Do they align with your brand in general?

Social media should be used not only to engage with your customers, but also to achieve business goals. Quantitative goals like growth in audience are good to have, but the focus should be on how social is helping your brand achieve business goals in the long and short term.

Do you know who your target audience is?

It’s extremely important to know who you should be “talking to” on social platforms. Try to really hone in on your core audience and make sure your content is appealing to them – they are, after all, the people who will most likely have a need for your product or service in the future.

What does your audience care about?

Make sure you do your research to know what exactly it is that your target audience cares about and use that knowledge. They will be more likely to engage with you on social if you keep them interested!

Do you know how social media benefits your SEO?

The more content you put out on the web, the better. If someone is connected to your business on social media, your pages and shared content will rank higher in search results, and to maximize the benefits you need to be active. Use your social channels for updates, bonus information and to promote articles on your website that show your expertise.

Do you want to improve your customer service?

Because of the two-way dialogue, you can use social media to be more alert to your audience’s problems and needs. By adapting and responding to problems and concerns online, consumers will appreciate the extra effort. On the flip side – people can leave positive reviews about what you’re doing right, which shows other possible future customers the type of company you are.

Do you want to showcase your services or products?

Social media really is the best and easiest way to show your products to your customers. For example, you can easily take pictures of your products on your mobile device and share to your social media connections in seconds.

Which social media platforms should I be on?

It all depends on your business, but the “big four” are Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. The more rich, meaningful content you put out there, the better for your business. Find out what platform your customers use most and start there.

How can I measure the success of my social media efforts?

It’s important to track your social media marketing metrics in order to fin out which tactics work the best. Most social platforms have their own analytics, which can be very powerful tools to learn about your audience and what works.

What is the biggest mistake with social media to avoid?

Always remember to have a plan. Think strategically about your goals for your social media accounts and stick to them. Always be evaluating and refining your strategy.