“Every storm runs out of rain, just like every dark night turns into day.” ~ Gary Allan

Just a couple weeks ago, life seemed normal, our only worry at The Digital Media Lab was what to order with our coworkers during lunch and what slides we were going to present for our Chamber and Workshop events. That all changed...fast. As the world grapples with new ways of living, teaching, and working while we practice social distancing, thinking creativity will not only help your business thrive but survive. 

With the ongoing and increased uncertainty over the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), the situation is "fluid" and changes almost daily. This not only is forcing businesses to think of new ways to market their business but many are struggling to even keep their head above the water, especially local restaurants. The unprecedented move to close dine-in restaurants to carryout,  curbside, and delivery only, have restaurant owners scrambling to get creative when it comes to generating income and keeping their staff members employed. So what can you do to help? SUPPORT LOCAL. 

We need to reassure our struggling community with a constant stream of support and ‘it takes a village’ mentality. Our downtown has always prided itself on supporting each other, but now, more than ever, it’s important to act more, do more, share more posts and order, order, order that delicious food! 

Great Harvest Bread owner of the Delafield and Oconomowoc locations, Jon Rasmussen said while there is no denying we are living in uncertain times, he is rolling with the punches and trying to stay creative when it comes to his business giving him and his employees the upper crust!  

“We started offering a 10-percent discount, curbside pickup, catering for businesses who are still operating, and free kids meals with an adult sandwich or lunch purchase,” he said.. “While it might not seem like a lot, it keeps us open and has allowed us to remain busy and keep all of our staff employed. They have bills to pay and want to serve our loyal customers.”

Rasmussen also said communicating with other local downtown businesses and keeping in touch with the Chamber of Commerce for support is also key.

“ We are all in this together and are all overwhelmed with the changes, we have a close-knit community here and that is evident all year, not just in times like this,” he said. “The more we can keep those lines of communication open and support each other, the better off we’ll be.” 

Downtown Delafield and our surrounding communities need our support right now. Here are ways you can support our local restaurants:

Carryout, delivery or curbside: Sick of takeout? It doesn’t have to be for you. Consider getting something delivered to a family that might be struggling, a local police or fire station, or just someone who is still working in retail. We promise it will make their day!

Buy gift cards:  Restaurants collect gift card revenue as soon as the card is purchased, then mark it as redeemed once the user applies it to a bill. If you are still generating income, and are in a position to buy a gift card and sit on it for a while, you will be helping your local favorite get through a tough time.

Tip generously: The hospitality industry lives off of tips, don’t forget, even if it’s carryout or curbside service, it’s still service and you should be tipping. This will help offset the money they’re losing by the drop in patronage.

Share the love: You can help your favorite business without even leaving the house by liking, sharing, and commenting on their social media posts. This is a perfect opportunity to show your support. Consider picking one of your favorite menu items and writing your own post to share on your page. Your post could be the spark that ignites a group of people to order carryout or delivery! Have a photo of the restaurant during happier times? Yep, share that as well. 

At the Digital Media Lab, we have always prided ourselves on being true ambassadors of our community by offering coaching, FREE workshops, assistance with your marketing incentives, and ways to stand out and shine amongst the rest. Now our team is asking you to pay it forward by supporting your local restaurants that are offering take-out and curbside food services! Take the challenge and treat your family to a delicious meal from your favorite local restaurant! Post and tag the restaurant of your choice that you support in the effort to spread the love of our local businesses! The storm will clear, let’s look back and know that we were a part of the solution by helping each other with kindness and true community spirit. 

Be well, think positively, love your community!

  • The Digital Media Lab Team