Facebook lately has received a bad rap when it comes to social media platforms, but the truth is Consumers love FB more than ever, as they now have over 2.3 Billion monthly users around the Globe, up 9% over the prior year.  If you are not using Facebook to promote your business you’re missing a huge audience, and could be leaving money on the table.

New data suggests just how influential Facebook really is, according to CNBC, despite growing public outrage over Facebook’s privacy practices. Earnings per share jumped 65-percent from the year-ago period. Net income totaled $6.88 billion, a record profit for the company and an increase of 61-percent from the year-ago quarter. If your Facebook page is a bit of a ghost town, there are key ways to optimize your page, engage with your customers to make it work for your business and generate leads.

Join us on Wednesday, February 27th to learn how to leverage Facebook to gain activity, reach and engagement with The Digital Media Lab. Learn how to utilize Facebook for your business, our expert professionals will teach you how to generate leads, go over Algorithms, boosting strategies, measuring ROI, and new Facebook features and rules. To get the most out of this interactive workshop, bring your laptop (WIFI provided) and a strong desire for learning Facebook to up your business’s online presence. Are you ready to propel your business in 2019 to a whole new level without a ton of effort or denting your bottom line? If so, Facebook is your answer. Let this number one social platform work for you in ways you never thought possible. Learn how to grow your Facebook Business page with the latest digital techniques! Here is just a snapshot of the many tips that will be covered in this engaging workshop.

Change up Cover Photo Monthly 

There is no denying that images are powerful. Changing your Facebook cover photo at least once a month is just one simple way to engage your fans. People will be especially drawn to compelling and unique photos that tell your business’s story with one glimpse. Try to hone in on a personal approach by using real employees, snapshots of your product, or your business’s efforts in the community. It is important to try to avoid stock photos that are used by other potentially thousands of like businesses. Your fans will love relatable photos that tell a story. If you have a photographer at your disposal that is great, but all you really need is a high-quality smartphone. If you are taking photos of a product consider purchasing an inexpensive light box. Lightboxes will create a crisp and clean professional backdrop for your product that can easily transition from Facebook to Instagram and other platforms.

Create a Compelling Story

This is really an opportunity to talk up your business’s story. How did you begin your journey? What path or obstacles did you have to overcome to become the successful business you are today? In what ways are you engaged with your community and do you give back? Your story is really the bread and butter of your page. Within your “about us” section you are able to use Search Engine Optimization Keywords throughout your text and link back to your website page which encompasses a full circle snapshot of your business presence.

Call to Action

Having the proper call to action buttons on your Facebook page could mean the difference between a potential client and one who leaves your page. This is a crucial step to your page that is oftentimes overlooked. Are you looking for more email subscribers, conversions, contest entries, page shares or likes? If so, you will not get very far without a perfectly crafted call-to-action button. The Digital Media Lab workshop will teach you techniques to get your business noticed with one click!

The goal of this workshop is for every attendee to come away with many actionable tips or ideas that they can implement in your business today. No matter if you decide to take a class or hire us to do the work for you, we think you'll find this time well spent! Sign up today!