By now I’m sure you’ve accepted the fact that digital marketing is not going anywhere, in fact, this type of marketing is expanding and is a way for businesses to further engage with their client base. In early 2016, Facebook launched their Facebook Live live-streaming option, CEO Mark Zuckerberg made the announcement himself via the new feature (of course). While you might think this option is intimidating, there are strong incentives for giving your followers an “inside look” at your business. It cultivates stronger relationships and gives your audience a more intimate and organic sneak peak of what you do. There are many scenarios in which live video can be useful. If you have not tried going live yet you should try to make it a goal in the near future before competitors get an edge.

Why is live video so powerful?
Live is exciting. Live is raw. Live is authentic.

•Behind the scenes / an insider look
•Event broadcasting
•New product teaser/sneak peak
•Directly engage customers in a Q&A session
•Interviews with team members
•Supplement to blog content
Facebook Live’s greatest advantage is the same as its greatest risk: it’s live. And while live video is a great way to build an emotional connection with our audience and show your transparency and vulnerability, it also leaves you…well…vulnerable. You can make huge mistakes that can destroy your brand image and create massive problems for your business if you’re not careful…so don’t enter into a live video haphazardly. Which leads us to our next tip…

Plan & Practice
Before going live, you need to promote your live video to your audience. Write a killer description and call to action, and start telling your audience about it. You may even want to use paid ads to get your users to tune-in. Here are some more ways to start going “live” and start building relationships with your audience.

Engage in Topics that Interest your Clients
Discussing a topic that your audience is interested in is a great way to engage with your clients. If you already have a blog that has been written or a Facebook post that has drawn interest, going live is a great way to answer questions your readers might have.  You can schedule a Facebook Live video session to encourage readers to tune in and ask/answer questions upfront.

Go Behind-the-Scenes
You can also use Facebook Live video to give fans a behind-the-scenes look at your business and how you work.
For example, suppose some of your followers are interested in your line of work, such as a veterinary office. You can go live to talk about the upcoming flea and tick concern, you can do a tour of the office, or even demonstrate a new procedure.

Try honing in on a topic you think your audience will be interested in learning, you can always use past Facebook posts that have received a lot of engagement as inspiration.

Promote Products or Events:

Facebook Live is the perfect tool to get your audience excited about a planned event or new product line. Going live will make your audience feel as though they have the “inside” on your special announcement. If you are planning on announcing an event, make sure you are using an easy-to-remember URL that you can share with your viewers. Post the link on your video comments to further engage and make connections. You can also dig a little deeper and stream the event “live’”. For example, if you are hosting a 5K run/walk, use Facebook Live to give your audience a first-hand look of your event. Doing this consistently will make your audience feel like they are a part of your event, especially your audience who might live in a different state.

Answer FAQs

By now you know that good customer services is the key to any type of business. You can further this reputation by answering common questions that might arise about your business through Facebook Live. Again, you can use comments you have received from popular Facebook posts to determine what your customer base is interested in learning. When you are done with your live session you can achieve your video and share it with your team. Arching your Facebook Live videos not only helps you build a great reference “library” of topics but can be used for marketing, blog posts, and more.