The Coronavirus, as much as we’d like to think it’s an April Fool’s joke it’s definitely not. There’s no denying we are in the midst of uncertainty, add a heavy dose of fear due to the coronavirus and it can be a bad cocktail to digest. With schools, bars, retail stores, and corporations large and small closing their doors temporarily, millions of Americans are scrambling to not only survive but tailor their messaging and adapt to reaching their customer’s needs in unique and new ways during this time

Relative to the dept of the human element, small businesses will absorb the brunt of this situation. With all the news surrounding the crisis, it can be difficult to find the light, you might even be wondering if it’s appropriate to market your business. The answer is a resounding yes. With the right approach and insight, you can not only launch your marketing but also come out as a beacon of light when this is over, something that will give you an edge to others who may have halted their marketing initiatives. Here are some ways to consider altering your messaging right now. 

  •  Show how you are handling the situation by supporting your employees, customers, and if you are still an essential business how you are cleaning based on the Center for Disease Control standards. 
  • Offer special promotions, offers, merchandise, and contests to spread the word
  • Vary your messaging (do not constantly post about the Coronavirus) try to keep things light and positive and leave the news to the experts. 
  • Try to maintain the same tone throughout your marketing platforms. 
  • Be sensitive about your images and limit photos that show large groups of people, friends out to dinner, music festivals, and other popular entertainment that are off-limits right now. 
  • Offer creative ideas and things people can be doing to stay socially connected. Engage your audience by asking them to post their own ideas, photos in the comments, etc. 
  • Support local businesses by checking in, tagging, and sharing photos and favorite menu items. Being a great steward of the community is especially important right now. 
  • Avoid using the phrase social distancing, instead, say physical distancing. 
  • Use this time to craft your story as a business, how did you get started, what makes you unique, what products or menu items are you proud of. Your story can be used on social media, many other social channels, and your website. 

At the Digital Media Lab, we have always prided ourselves on being true ambassadors of our community by offering coaching, FREE workshops, assistance with your marketing incentives, and ways to stand out and shine amongst the rest. The storm will clear, make sure your message is positive on up-to-date. If you need help with your marketing initiatives contact us today!