About Us



After listening to the community, we realized there was a need for digital marketing education. Organizations and businesses needed help keeping up with digital marketing trends and there was no obvious place to go. That’s why we developed the Digital Media Lab.

We offer various digital marketing classes and workshops to the community. Now businesses have a digital marketing learning hub they could go to for help and questions.

The Digital Media Lab is a division of locally owned and operated Guarantee Digital, a digital agency solutions partner that works with organizations of all sizes either directly or through our sales & media partner network. We launched in 2011 with one media partner and are now proud to work in over 150 media markets of all sizes with variety of businesses all around the US.

Our team of advisers work directly with a local organizations offering various agency solutions as well as providing education through our classes.

Interested in an agency re-seller partnership or Digital Media Lab for your market? Call 414-234-8529 or visit or guaranteedigital.com for more information.

Our Coaches & Digital Consultants

CEO Daryl Hively, Digital Media Lab Hartland Wisconsin

Daryl Hively, CEO

Peggy Olson, DML Director, Digital Media Lab Hartland Wisconsin

Peggy Olson, DML Director